* Branson Surveys was founded in 1968 by Richard Branson, father of current president Dennis Branson, and was later incorporated as Branson Survey’s, Inc. in 1980. Dennis Branson purchased the company from his father in 1985 and has since developed into a highly recognized area land surveying leader.

* Having been in business for 40 years, some of Branson Surveys, Inc.’s project sites include such clients as Walmart, Tyson Foods, Lowes, Cracker Barrel, Reynolds Metals, Alcoa, Alcan, McMillian-Bloedel, and Big Rivers Electric.

* Our professional staff includes three licensed land surveyors, all committed to a high degree of professional work and individual needs of our clients.

We are members of:

* KY Association of Professional Surveyors

* American Congress of Surveying & Mapping

* National Society of Professional Surveyors

* American Planning Associations

* Audubon Area Home Builder Association

* Henderson - Henderson Co. Chamber of Commerce


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